Entrepreneurship is in

My Blood

Any opportunity I come across to deliver excellence in service of others is definitely at the top of my agenda. To my partners, my clients, and customers alike, my focus remains on offering support through individually-tailored solutions.

From cybersecurity, to speaking, writing, coaching, and beyond, my 20+ years of experience of serving others as my full, authentic self is a clear indication of my passion; a journey that’s made for one hell of a competitive advantage.


How Can I Help You?

Center Stage

I’m the kind of speaker who always leaves my audience with more than they were expecting. I’m far from soft-spoken and I’m passionate about my interests and expertise. More importantly, I don’t like wasting time — mine, or anyone else’s. For this exact reason, listeners tuning into my talks can expect to see an immediate change within. As I discuss leadership in cybersecurity, personal branding, and building equitable relationships, I challenge my audience to ask tough questions of themselves and share their varied insights with those around them. By the time I leave the stage, listeners will be well equipped to eagerly lead with confidence.

Contracts Equals Receipts

Advising on all matters related to the cybersecurity Risk Management Framework (RMF) policy, governance, strategy, compliance and statutory requirements is my passion.  Myself along with the A-Team  are trusted by many Government agencies, Chief Information Officers (CIO)s, Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) and Senior leaders across the US.  We have authored cybersurity roadmaps, strategies for critical infrastructures, and created frameworks to address presidential mandates. Taking my skills mainstream, I helped co-author Reinventing Cybersecurity (2022), out now.

Tapping Into Your Superpower

I love taking the toughest issues and creating simplified and certifiably scalable solutions. As an executive coach, my superpower is dampening egos, working around weaknesses, and finding win-win situations in the most unlikely circumstances. If you’re someone who has all the motivation in the world but lacks the skills and knowledge to get you to where you want to be, consider joining one of my group coaching sessions today. Breaking down barriers, emphasizing opportunities for impact, and placing a value on your services will elevate your marketability. Because of my commitment to individuality and tailored solutions, you can trust that I will never give templated answers. My focus is devoted to using my superpower to tap into yours.