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I never believed there were people in this world who were chosen for one thing and forgotten for the next. I only held onto the vision of my own success as I worked toward what I saw in my imagination. Today, when people ask me how I made it to where I am, I’m very clear about the fact that I had to hustle. I had to grind. I had to have the grit and determination to persevere in the face of the odds stacked against me. Now thriving as a proud veteran, happy wife, loving mother, cybersecurity CEO, prolific speaker, executive coach, and the longest-running female promoter at Barcode Lounge in Washington, D.C., it’s become clear to me that there are no chosen ones… it’s the ones that choose to hustle that find success.

I like to say that I’ve been
“doing cyber since before it was sexy.”

The way I got my start was in the United States Air Force (USAF) at the IT Help Desk. Since then, my passion for people and interests in cybersecurity and emerging technologies have helped me garner over 20 years of experience supporting senior government and military officials with my professional expertise.

Sharing Scaleable Insights

One thing I’ve learned about cyber (and life in general) is that leaning in to what’s unique about you is a key ingredient  to accomplish your greatest goals. Serving my country exposed me to so many amazing people — all races, nationalities, ethnicities, and egos. I’ve lived in Korea, Germany, Italy, Japan, but after all that, I learned that people are just people.


We have so much more in common than not. Feeling boxed in by our experiences to the point where we play our dreams too small or sell ourselves too short is ridiculous. The point of success in any field or circumstance is accomplishing exactly what you set out to do.


At Arlo, my co-founder Arlene and I stayed focused on getting people to imagine greater when they told us we should settle for less. After a six-year journey navigating no’s, discounted offers, and $0 in seed funding, we won our first Prime contract worth millions. We are shifting the landscape of Government Contracting (GovCon) and cybersecurity while building a blueprint for others to follow.  Fun fact:  Blueprint is also an album title of one of my favorite rappers (and its not KRS One).

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As CEO of Arlo Solutions, I’ve led my organization in providing Intelligence and Cybersecurity support to the U.S. Government since 2014. Some major projects include our support of the USDA’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) in their building of cybersecurity strategy, as well as numerous others in collaboration with the Department of Defense (DOD) and their Artificial Intelligence Center. When I’m not on my day job, I’m focused on leaving people better than the way I met them. Whether it’s through Arlo or any of my other entrepreneurial efforts, my commitment to delivering excellence and ethically-sound service exemplifies the limitless possibilities that exist when we decide to work together.


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