Reinventing Cybersecurity is the first cybersecurity book to ever hit the market written entirely by women and non-binary experts. Designed as a guide for cybersecurity practitioners at every career level, this collection of original stories is a game changer for professionals searching for greater diversity in thought.


Great read, loads of practical wisdom and advice!

“This book is packed with practical and useful information and advice for those currently in cybersecurity, looking to get in or, as Aubrey Elizabeth Stern puts it, …”Not in security…doing security..”. This book contains a load of information, written by at least 19 different practitioners in the technology field on topics ranging from strategic priorities for the modern CISO, teaching, tearing down and retraining muscle memory, security health vs maturity, to lessons learned on OSS, breaking into cyber, ageism and much much more. Certainly will be going back to this book again and again…highly recommended!”

I wish everyone in cybersecurity read this book

As a woman who’s worked in the cybersecurity industry for over a decade, I very much enjoyed reading the stories of fellow industry colleagues who’ve broken through the glass ceiling to land, grow, and excel in their cybersecurity roles. Their stories are quite inspiring! That said, the book isn’t just a collection of relatable stories, but it’s quite educational, too — for all genders and professionals in the industry. I learned a lot from everyone’s perspective about what it meant to truly reinvent cybersecurity. I really wish everyone in the industry read this book, not just for what they’ll learn from it, but so they start giving women and non-binaries the respect and value they so deserve. Kudos to all the authors and to the publisher for an amazing book!

A Great Read for Anyone

“Full disclosure: I bought this because I’m friends with one of the authors.

Fuller disclosure: I didn’t really expect to enjoy this book because I’m not in cybersecurity; I’m in education.

Fullest disclosure: I totally enjoyed this book and found it applicable to my own work as a teacher. The book is about cyber defense, yes, but it is also about working with reluctant clients (mine happen to be 6 years old, but whatever), communicating well, and holding firm boundaries in the best interest of the client. More than that, it’s about recasting a relationship with clients that has traditionally felt oppositional into something that is collaborative and mutually respectful.

The pieces in Reinventing Cybersecurity are written with warmth, humor, and radical good sense. I highly recommend it regardless of which field you work in.”

Arlo Solutions

As co-author of this project, I share my impassioned feelings toward women showing up completely as they are, even in the male-dominated fields that tempt them to downplay their confidence or conform for praise.

With the help of these wonderfully talented and diverse individuals, I’ve been able to inspire women to lean into the power of their knowledge, skills, and abilities to eventually earn the recognition they both desire and deserve. Check out my chapter on developing frameworks for success in cyber today!


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